Melbourne Recital Centre – Concert with Australian Baroque Brass

David Drury plays: ‘Melbourne Recital Centre – Concert with Australian Baroque Brass’ – 7 March 2016

Time: 6.00pm, Monday, 7 March 2016
Where: Melbourne Recital Centre,

Founded in 2003, this ensemble is fresh territory for me.  It seems to be a mobile set of experts in a tricky field, well-versed in collaborations, resident at St. James’ Church in the city of Sydney.  For this hour-long recital, the group under John Foster will play a Beauty & the Brass program of Heinrich, Marini, Erbach, Handel, Daniel Purcell and Monteverdi with soprano Anna Sandstrom providing the beauty and taking centre-stage for Let the bright Seraphim, Lascia ch’io pianga and Lamento della ninfa among others.  The web-site shows nine brass players, with David Drury supplying organ support; should be a real test of control, up close and personal in the Salon.